Ferriday Room

This room has been named after Samuel Ferriday.
John Wesley visited Bilston many times and in 1767/70 he would stay at the home of Samuel Ferriday, The story we have of one such visit is as follows:
One morning in 1770 while they were holding a meeting in Samuel Ferriday’s house a crowd of drunkards gathered in the street and began to shout and to sing in order to drown the sound of the hymns. They threw stones at the windows and two of John Wesley’s friends were injured. They called again and again for “the preacher”. Mr. Wesley appeared at the door and a hefty man, a bull-baiter, stepped forward with an uplifted stick. Wesley said quite calmly “If I have done thee any harm, strike man” the man could not and tradition has it that these ruffians were so impressed that they immediately became followers of John Wesley and the bull-baiter became his Champion.



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