Loxdale Room

This room has been named after Miss Anne Loxdale.
The Bilston Methodists were  very fortunate to have a friend Miss Anne Loxdale who was the second daughter of Thomas and Hannah Loxdale. She had been christened in Shrewsbury in October 1755 and the family later moved to Bilston. She had been converted by John Wesley himself while still young, although her parents and relations, who were  wealthy and devout Anglicans all declared that she was mad.
They were a wealthy family and in 1794 she gave the land on which the first Methodist Chapel was built in Temple Street, which was called Loxdale’s chapel. A gallery was built to seat the choir, for the tradition that “Methodism was born in song” was very true with the first Bilston Methodists.
Anne was very generous towards the Church. She married Dr Thomas Coke a well known Methodist Missionary.
The Loxdale room is used by our Oasis ‘Drop in Centre’ as detailed on the Oasis page and is a popular room for meetings and activities.


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